Secret Service DoD Sexual Entrapment by CU/VZ

Odd that Cuba and/or Venezuela have not openly been accused of orchestrating the Secret Service/DOD Cartagena sexual honey pot — an entrapment long employed by spy services against the US and its allies, as well as by the US and its allies. Neither CU nor VZ took part in the Cartagena conference where the US failed to get approval for continued Cuba sanctions considered by Latin Americans to be US-Monroe Doctrine abusive.

Senator Collins has raised the possibility of a trap but will likely be briefed into silence. Neither Democrats or Republicans want to open this top secret Pandora’s Box (excuse the pun).

The Open Government Partnership conference in Brasilia which followed Cartagena also camouflaged with triple-crossing „openness“ the legacy of Monroe Doctrine covert operations in Latin America to enforce hemispheric hegemony with stealth and bribery.

The chances are high that the sexual entrapment was a CU/VZ counterspy operation against the nest of spies operating in Cartagena, and that White House and Congressional investigations will perfectly cloak the dust-up as it has since President Monroe ordered the standard deception in 1823.

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