World Exclusive: First Marion, IL. Prison Interview with Viktor Bout

George Mapp – How, when and why I first met Viktor Bout is too fascinating and too long a story to discuss here. In fact so intriguing that I am currently write a book about it. Viktor Bout is a part of but by no means entails my entire book. The book will also discuss my intimate encounter in the foothills of the Himalayas with David Headley’s — Mumbai’s 26/11 terrorist mastermind — wife Faiza that led to India’s intelligence agency tracking me down for interrogation and questioning along with the FBI. My book is in five parts: India, Thailand, Morocco, America and Russia. For a brief description see below:

In his fascinating new book, Drug Smugglers, Gun Runners, Russian Intelligence Officers and Terrorists’ Wives, George Mapp describes how he went from an international equity trader on Wall Street, to massage therapist to international globe trotter to an accused terrorist. His unique book will discuss international travel to exotic destinations, a spiritual journey, love affairs, diverse cultures, religious clashes, drugs, terrorism, intelligence agencies, spies, lies and spy games as well as his eye witness account of 9/11.

The Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai, India in flames after the terrorist attacks on November 26 2008.

Contact and Book Donation Details for Viktor Bout

Since I first met Viktor back in October of 2010 in a Bangkok court room, I have followed his case extensively. I attended everyday of his New York trial, form opening remarks to the jury’s decision to the sentencing. I have visited him more than once in prison in Brooklyn and continue to communicate with him frequently via the prison email system dubbed CorrLinks. By default, I got to know him, his close friends, ex-partners and family quite well.

Viktor is quite a gifted linguist — he was able to read my Sanskrit tattoo’s with no problem. I can’t even read them, of course I know what they say but I am unable to read Sanskrit.

When you read the entire interview you will understand what extremely isolated conditions he is currently being held under. I am asking on Viktor’s behalf that anyone that would like to or that has the means to please consider sending a letter — or better yet ordering books for him online or perhaps donate money to him directly via the U.S. prison system so he can buy items from the commissary and phone his daughter, wife and mother in Russia which is extremely expensive.

Just so that there is no confusion — Viktor does NOT have access to the internet — ONLY a prison email system that is tightly monitored and restricted. Thus, Viktor can not read any news or websites, he can not download books or movies nor Skype. He is — with very few exceptions — completely isolated. Viktor would especially love books in Portuguese, Hindi, Urdu, Persian, Russian and yes even in English. Please remember — you can NOT send him books directly — they must come from a publisher directly. No more than 5 books at a time.The best way is too order online and have them sent to him — they MUST include his register number along with his name.

PLEASE NOTE: The BOP’s rules are extremely strict, Viktor can NOT receive any books or magazines directly from ANY individual — ONLY a company like Amazon or a newspaper subscription that comes directly from a publisher — for example Gazeta.ru. If you have any questions here are some links:

Inmate Locator

Inmate Mail/Parcels

Inmate Money

Viktor Bout Contact Info:

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you include his prisoner Register number

VIKTOR BOUT Register # 91641-054
P.O. BOX 1000
MARION, IL  62959


Viktor Bout with the Marion, IL. prison inset in foreground. photo credit: © Collage: The Voice of Russia

Viktor Bout Exclusive First Interview from Marion, IL. Prison By George Mapp Jr



Viktor, first of all I want to thank you for taking time out for this interview. I haven’t seen you in person since April at MDC in Brooklyn. A lot has happened to you since then. I would like to first ask you, was your transfer to Oklahoma City from Brooklyn as sudden and unexpected for you as it was for your legal team?

The transfer wasn’t sudden or unexpected, it was clear that it was about to happen.

How were you treated during the transfer process and what mode of transportation did they use to move you to the temporary facility?

BOP [Bureau of Prisons] “bussed” about 25 inmates in same base to upstate’s Steward Airbase, where the infamous “Conair” MD82 was expected by several buses and vans from the region. When the plane landed, the buses and vans went to the tarmac and then some inmates were disembarked, and then they boarded us. The flight was OK, nothing special, just to sit in iron legs, shackles, belly chain, lock and box quite uncomfortable! At Oklahoma City there is a huge terminal like building – welcome to Federal Transit Facility Oklahoma! They called my name on public system and then they got me out first, and quite quickly I was in SHU !!!

Viktor Bout after his extradition from Thailand is shown arriving at Westchester County Airport, in White Plains, New York, Nov. 16, 2010. Photo by U.S. Department of Justice via Getty Images

[The Federal Bureau of Prisons‚ solitary confinement units are known as Special Housing Units aka the SHU.]

So I spent 12 days in the SHU in full and complete isolation from News, newspaper or even TV, only on work days they would take me for “recreation’- for one hour inside a caged roof (size 4mX4m).

I was treated exactly like anybody else in the SHU! I tried to request my legal call to my lawyer and to the Embassy, but they said only after 30 days I can have a call.!!!

How were your conditions and treatment at Oklahoma City?

Conditions at Oklahoma – it is clean, a shining jail like a monument to the prison industrial complex – still same cells ( size wise, same BOP menu, same attitude and even same smells!!

Did you have advanced notice of your final transfer to Marion, IL. Where you are currently being held?

It was clear a week before the transfer that it will be UPS Marion, so here I am, in CMU (you can check what it is your self)

[According to Wikipedia, a Communication Management Unit  or CMU is a recent designation for a self-contained group within a facility in the United States Federal Bureau of Prisons that severely restricts, manages and monitors all outside communication (telephone, mail, visitation) of inmates in the unit. The CMU permits two hours, twice per month, and no contact, meaning the visitor and inmate are in separate rooms with viewing through a glass window and talking via telephone. All conversations must be in English unless special permission is granted 10 days in advance. This is in contrast to ordinary inmates in ordinary units, where the visitation standard includes unlimited contact on their visitation day, once each week or biweekly. In addition to the already imposed restrictions, CMU “prisoners are banned from any physical contact with visiting friends and family, including babies, infants, and minor children.”Compared to other inmates, those placed in the CMU have little contact with the outside world. At least $14 million is spent on surveillance of the CMUs. A counterterrorism team in West Virginia monitors verbal communication remotely.

Thai appeals court denied bail for Viktor Bout.

You have described briefly to me – via CorrLinks prison email system – your conditions in Marion. Can you please describe for my readers your conditions – especially phone privileges and visiting conditions?

CMU’s rules are quite restrictive – only 2 calls of 15 minutes per week with the special forms where you have to use available timing and mention to whom you will call and which language you are going to use, 1 week prior to yours calls. Even a letter you can only send if the address is in the your approved contact list and you must use only the printed labels for the address. Here I will again have non-contact visits (through glass).

Since Putin has been elected as the Russian president, there seems to have been a plethora of political support for you out of Russia – is this just coincidence or is there a connection with Putin to the political?

As I have very little information about the political support I really can’t comment on something that I am not aware of. I know that many in Russia are concerned what has happened to me, and why it is happening.

Have you noticed an increase or any change in support from the Russian government since Putin’s election?

Again, here in Marion I have very little news from Russia, and I am only calling my family to check how they are.

Viktor Bout speaking into microphone behind bars in Bangkok, Thailand.

Has the support from the Russian consulate and Russian government been affected by your transfer to Marion, IL? If so, how has it changed?

I don’t know of any facts that something was affected, just last week I got a call from the Consular Section of the Russian Embassy in the Washington, and soon they are planning to visit me here.

According to The Voice of America’s James Brooke, Igor Sechin visited New York shortly after you were convicted – did Sechin visit you or speak to you during his visit?

As I said many times, I do not have any personal connection to Mr. Sechin, never meet him before, so even to ask about his visit to NYC is useless.

I was standing outside the courthouse last fall when The Voice of America’s Carolyn Weaver [I actually have this on video] asked your wife Alla, “How long have you been in the KGB?” Do you care to comment?

Well, in 2004 I even requested the Archive of the ex-KGB for that, and I do have an official statement, that I never been in there service and never help any position.

An earlier photo of Russian president Putin when he previously served in the KGB.

Viktor, there are many so called conflict awareness groups, arms trade organizations that have been following your case. Do you care to enlighten them to the facts and reality of the international arms trade including the major players?

I think I am not in the position to enlighten them. As I know nothing special, which they didn’t know. What is interesting for me is who finances them and why do they exist? Just there honest desire to help other nations? I never believe in these “cover stories” !!!

The former CIA asset and Liberian war Lord Charles Taylor has been linked to you by various publications. Have you ever met or done business with Taylor?

I never meet C.Taylor, and never had any dealings with his regimes!!!

I was in Russia when an anonymous source notified me that you would not be sent to the ‘Supermax’ prison facility in Colorado. I was actually the first person to publish this on the internet followed by The Voice of Russia. Was this decision and attorney general Eric Holder’s intervention a surprise to you?

I don’t know anything of the interventions by Eric Holder – as I know he is still the Boss including the BOP! So what kind of the intervention your are talking about, this IS HIS PERSONAL DEPARTMENT!!!

Charles Taylor escaped from a US prison in 1985 and some analysts believe the CIA helped with the prison break [EPA

Would you plead guilty if you were guaranteed to be extradited to Russia to serve out your sentence?

That’s a 64kUSD question, I will need legal advice from my team.

Viktor, Richard Chichakli’s name has appeared on a second DEA indictment issued in November 2010 along with your name. Do you care to comment about either your personal and / or business relationship with Richard?

Richard is my friend, and I will not comment or speculate about him – his life is just another example of the reality of this very country.

Their have been many investigative journalists associating DEA sting operation ‘Relentless’ that ended in your initial arrest in Bangkok, Thailand to either your knowledge of or involvement in 9/11. Some like investigative journalist Wayne Madsen said, “Bout was arrested because he knew too much about 9/11 and the intelligence agencies wanted you off the streets.” Others have said that you were arrested to be indirectly blamed for 9/11. Do you care to share your thoughts on these allegations?

Well that’s a nice idea for Hollywood. As all that happened on 9/11 itself. I have to intention to comment on there fantasies and speculations on the rumors.

How is the appeal process going?

Best is to check with Mr. Albert Dayan, I am looking to see him, I Don’t know what is going on for the last one month.

Do your lawyer’s and legal staff have direct access and communication to you? Or has it been very difficult due to your distant geographical location?

That’s another problem, I am in contact with Dayan’s office via corrlink e-mail, but I was denied a possibility to make an unmonitored legal call to him, for which I have to have 2 week deadline in the Court and I have to provide a docket number then maybe I will have chance to call him!!!

Has any of your legal staff been able to see you in person since your transfer to Marion?

Not yet. I know Mr. Dayan was in Moscow and looking to see him soon.

Viktor, I would like to take this time to say thank you for your interview.

Thank you and best wishes to readers of your site !!!

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