Kill him, raped child tells the police

Onlineredaktion – A nine-year-old Saudi girl who was kidnapped and raped by an unknown man in the Gulf Kingdom tearfully told police to catch the criminal and kill him. Her father, a police man, vowed that he would not rest before he catches the rapist.

Maha recounted to police how that man snatched her from a rest house late night, slapped her many times before bundling her in his car and took her to an apartment where he raped her. Her father nearly collapsed as he listened to his daughter telling police investigators about her ordeal.

“Kill him…kill him when you catch him,” the school girl told the police after recounting what she had been through and how she came back home.

Maha was with her family in a wedding at a rest house in the western Red Sea port of Jeddah when the outside door was knocked late night.

She went and opened the door to find a strange man who asked her to come with him and take a bag for the bride.

Scared by his looks, she refused and was about to rush back into the rest house when he grabbed her and dragged her to his car. He slapped her many times, bundled her in his car and sped away.

As he headed for an unknown area, Maha tried to scream but he slapped her again. After a while, he reached a two-level villa, pulled Maha out and told her to close her eyes and carry her shoes in her hand before pushing her up.

“Inside the flat, I tried to scream and he slapped me again and again…he then threatened to kill me and throw my body to the dogs,” Maha told the police as she glanced at her father, who was weeping.

“He kept me there until the next day…he then took me by his car and dumped me in a park….I started to cry until a man came to me and offered help…he looked a good man and I trusted him….I told him what happened to me and he immediately rented a limousine car and took me back home,” the girl said, according to the Saudi Arabic language daily Okaz.

The paper said Maha is one of several little Saudi girls believed to have been raped by who it described as “the human wolf.”

In a report this week, Okaz and other Saudi papers said police had launched a massive manhunt for the man believed to have raped several little girls after stalking them near shopping malls and wedding halls.

They quoted police as saying they had established that the same man was behind a series of rape crimes against girls aged between six and nine years in Jeddah over the past few months.

“I want to see this human wolf punished for what he had done to my daughter and other innocent girls…I will not rest before I catch him and hand him to justice,” Maha’s father said, quoted by Okaz.

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