This year’s Bilderberg-Conference – no true Democrat should attend

Dr. Alexander von Paleske — 6th June 2011 —
This week, from the 9th to 12th of June, this year’s Bilderberg- conference is taking place in the resort town of St Moritz, Switzerland.

Hotel Suvretta House, St. Moritz – Nice place for an ugly conference

As it was the case from it’s very beginning in 1954, the conference will be shrouded in secrecy.

Participants are obliged to keep quite about what has been discussed and decided.

The Press is barred from attending.

It is an international conference of the Western rich and mighty, however also attended by high ranking public servants at the expense of their home countries taxpayers money, which last year led to a heated controversy in British Columbia afterwards.

Private and public
In other words, this is a privately organized however public conference by nature. The public funding of this conference results therefore in a constitutional right for the public to know, what these participants discussed, and what decisions have been made.

The way, the Bilderberg Conferences are being conducted, seems to be rather appropriate for times long gone by, when secret trials, secret diplomacy and secret conferences were the order of the day, a period, that ended with the French Revolution in 1789..

We wrote already six months ago:

The Bilderberg conferences, which are an annual event and attended by top Western decision makers, were founded by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands and named after the castle Bilderberg,, that belonged to him and where the first conference took place in 1954.

Participants were nobles, high ranking army officers, politicians and top business people.
Press and public were barred from the conference straight away from the beginning.
Prince Bernhard, once an enthusiastic former follower of Adolf Hitler, who became member of the SS, however managed in time to jump off the brown bandwagon, was the Bilderberg Conferences Chairperson from 1954-1976. He then had to resign, because it became public, that he was corrupt to the core by promoting the sale of Lockheed aircrafts to the Dutch army in exchange for money.

The conferences now attract not only the invited guests, but also quite a number of protesters from several countries.

Access to information and Press Freedom
The battle for access to information is – and always has been – part of the fight for press freedom.

Many democratically elected parliamentarians and parliaments have voted for „access to information“ rights. This applies not only to state institutions, but also to gatherings of public interest, may they be state organized or privately organized.
This does certainly not apply to private meetings as such, i.e. if, let me say, Kissinger invites a few public figures to his house.

However, an institutionalized gathering (meeting, conference) of a larger amount of public figures, that is taking place on a regular basis, where a lot of the attendees participate at the expense of taxpayers money, can certainly not be called a “private meeting” at all.
Best Example: World Economic Forum Davos/Switzerland..
Thus, to call the Bilderberg conference with his 100 + attendees a private meeting means basically to fool the public, and using a cheap and misleading excuse for not letting the press in.
The public has a basic democratic right to know, not only who attended, but also what was discussed, and what decisions have been made.
No democrat should therefore attend these meetings, as long as the precondition for participation is to keep quite about it.

Secret trials, secret gatherings, censorship and denial of access to information were all part and parcel of times gone by, against which the French revolution once was staged. Openness, press freedom, public trials, access to information are all essential parts of any democracy.

Not an Honour
It is deeply regrettable, that a lot of people in high places still think, that it is an honour to get an invitation for this secret meeting, instead of realizing, that by attending the Bilderberg- Conference and adhering to the conditions, they are becoming complicit in violating and – worse – insulting fundamental principles of democracy.

Furthermore, it is regrettable, that Matthias Nass, the former deputy editor of Germany’s leading liberal weekly paper “DIE ZEIT”, has become one of the key organizers of the conference, thus trampling on the principles of press freedom, instead of upholding them, most likely simply for the benefit of rubbing shoulders with the rich and mighty.

The Bilderberg conferences have to come out of the shroud of secrecy, or should be boycotted by democrats, and no public funds should be made available, as long as access of the press to the meetings is denied.

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