Syrian Casualty Report

onlineredaktion – The Syrian Network for Human Rights has documented and verified 50 casualties across Syria’s towns and villages, most of them in Idleb and Deir Ez-Zour. Among them were five who were tortured to death, four children, and defected soldiers.

Damascus Province | 3

1. Hassan Al-Baraqee (Al-Qalmoun)

2. Ahmad Saleh Hamoud (Al-Qalmoun, killed while detained by the regime’s forces)

3. Abdel-Majeed Muhammad Abdel-Ghaffar (Douma)

Homs | 9

1. Ahmad Muwafaq Al-Isber (Al-Houla, stabbed to death by security forces)

2. Nadiyah Yaser Al-Suwais (female child, 7 years old, shot to death during indiscriminate firing by the regime’s forces)

3. Imran Burhan Idrees (Al-Qusair, male child killed when a shell fell on his home. His two sisters were critically injured)

4. Fadi Mousa Shayhan (Al-Qusair, victim of the shelling)

5. Naji Khalifa (Al-Khalidiye, killed by a sniper)

6. Muhammad Rif’at (Al-Khalidiye, killed on 15/3/2012 and verified 18/3/2012)

7. Muhammad Rafet An-Na’eb (Bab Esbaa)

8. Shuja Abarra (Al-Khalidiye, victim of shelling)

9. Amjad Muhammad Al-Hameed (Ar-Rastan, defected soldier)

Dar’aa | 3

1. Ibrahim Muhammad Jamal Az-Zamel (Sa’hm Al-Jolan, shot when the village was invaded)

2. Nizar Yousef Mahmoud Al-Kanakiree (Da’el, shot at by the regime’s soldiers)

3. Mu’ayed Hussein Al-Masri (Dar’aa)

Idleb | 13

Three residents were killed in Mar ‘Ayan, among them a child:

1. Ahmad Fawzi Haj Younes

2. Ala Jameel Ar-Rahmoun

3. Muhammad Tawfeeq Ar-Rahhal (male child)

4. Muhammad Abdel-Lateef Al-Assaf (Banash, killed by a sniper)

5. Nizar Khalid Ka’dee (Tu’uum)

6. Muhammad Al-Qawerma (Ma’arat An-Numan)

7. Alaa Mansour Al-Hajee (Kafr Yahmoul)

Three bodies with signs of torture were found in Ar-Reiha, those of three residents arrested last Tuesday and their names are:

8. Yusuf Mahloub (18 years of age)

9. Abder-Rahman Abdo (22 years of age)

10. Muhammad Sabbagh (20 years of age)

11. Rajab Nayef Ad-Damoura (killed by a grenade as he was riding his motorcycle)

12. Ahmad Umar Al-Kadee (Jabal Az-Zawiya)

13. Luai Ibrahim Dabbak (Jabal Az-Zawiya)

Tartous | 1

1. Mahmoud Ahmad Ibrahim Namourah (soldier killed in the Damascus explosions yesterday Saturday, 17 March, 2012)

Aleppo | 5

Residents of the town were killed when they tried to find a safer path from Tal Rif’aat to Aleppo. They were trying to leave Tal Rif’aat due to the suffocating occupation of the regime, and they were publicly executed after being tortured. Their bodies were mutilated after death as well:

1. Muhammad Ameen Uthman (father of ten children)

2. Ahmad Muhammad Sa’eed Khateeb

3. Mahmoud Hussein Banawi (A’zaz, killed by a sniper)

4. Hassan Hilal (Sa’hara)

5. Muhammad Ghiath Asinda (Abu Arab, killed in Deir Ez-Zour)

Hama | 5

1. Mustafa Ibrahim (Janeezeer, defected soldier killed in clashes between the regime’s forces and the Free Syrian Arm)

2. Mahmoud Qalajee (killed when he tried to assist the following two residents, snipers shot at them and a fuel tank near them exploded, killing all three)

3. Baraa Qarawani (17 years of age, wounded then burned to death)

4. Usama Al-Umar (16 years of age, wounded by sniper then burned to death)

5. Abdel-Sattar Al-Jasem Ash-Shamootee (his family found his body thrown in a field after the invasion of At-Tareemseh by the regime’s forces)

Deir Ez-Zour | 9

Eight of the soldiers of the Free Syrian Army in Deir Ez-Zour from the Umar Bin Al-Khattab and Uthman Bin Affan Battalions were killed by the regime’s forces:

1. Abdel-Monem Khalaf Al-Muhammad Al-Barjas

2. Mahmoud Khalaf Al-Muhammad Al-Barjas

3. Abdullah Khalaf Al-Muhammad Al-Barjas

4. Ghazi Fadel Al-Allawi

5. Ibrahim Hameed Al-Hamoud

6. Maher Al-Akf – he told his fellow soldiers to leave him when he was wounded

7. Uqba Al-Younes

8. Yusuf Al-Khamees

Resident of the As-Sana’aa Neighbourhood:

9. Muhammad Ali Hussein Abder-Rahman (35 years of age, married with 4 children, shot to death)

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