President Bashar al-Assad: we will not show mercy of any aggressor.

onlineredaktion – Jordan is witnessing a rise in attempts to smuggle arms into Syria to be used by anti-government armed groups in that country.

According to Jordanian security officials, smugglers are using the kingdom as a „transit point“ to supply weapons from Saudi Arabia to rebels in the Syrian restive city of Dara’a, located in the south of Damascus, the press agencies reported on Thursday.

„We are witnessing more attempts to smuggle weapons into Syria and also attempts to smuggle weapons into Jordan from neighboring countries that we believe are destined for Syria,“ a security source said condition of anonymity.

The presence of an illicit arms trade was confirmed by Jordan’s Public Security Department on Wednesday, acknowledging that it has thwarted „several“ illegal attempts by various groups to smuggle armaments into Syria. Hussein Majali, the chief of the security department stated that Jordanian authorities are taking all measures to protect Jordanian-Syrian shared borders and stressed that his country does not interfere in Syrian internal affairs. Syria has been experiencing unrest, sponsored by Western governments and their Arab allies, since mid-March 2011.

The Syrian president said on February 20 that “some foreign countries” are fueling the turmoil in Syria by supporting and funding “armed terrorist groups fighting against the government and harming civilians.The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has assured the International envoy, Kofi Annan that he is aware of the seriousness of the allied countries in the region to form a military alliance on the ground to attack the Syrian territory, and the establishment of buffer zones by land and air.

Assad answer to Annan that he is personally still relaxed, he is more than aware by the Arabs thwart and the slumber long, explaining that the information the Syrian intelligence has suggests that Jordan and Saudi Arabia are planning secretly to break into the southern border of Syria through the city of Dara, and the imposition of a buffer zone, and it is expected actually to be provided by Amman and Riyadh , but it is crucial now the pursuit of its armed forces to resolve the procedure. The international delegate tried to emphasize to Assad that he does not have specific information, about Jordan and Saudi Arabia in particular.

However, the Syrian President seemed very comfortable during the meeting, reiterating for Annan the ability to deal with any violent external attempts to break into the military, adding to Annan that the rulers of Saudi Arabia paid the rent military forces for the implementation that will not succeed in Syria at all, and that Syrian missiles will be the fastest of them , explaining to the delegates of international, that Saudi Arabia and Jordan, Israel and the U.S. Navy’s military are in the range missile force Syria, and Damascus would never not stand idle, and will not show mercy of any aggressor.

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